CrossFit for the “Unfit” CrossFitter

by Just Push Play Fitness on December 13, 2013

“I’m your quintessential Crossfit struggler.”

When I tell people that I CrossFit, I see that little look of disbelief, that “you??”, flash in their eyes. It’s gone quickly enough, and luckily I haven’t yet come across anyone rude enough to say it out loud.

I’m your quintessential CrossFit struggler – pooped by the warmup run, scaled back to the bar, last one to call “time.”

NewbiecrossfittersBut I’m not offended; I know I don’t look like the mainstream portrayal of a CrossFitter – the hot chick who rocks booty shorts or the pumped up bloke who is ex-military or a firefighter. A quick glance at YouTube or the latest “Dirty Little Secret” media story would have everyone believe that CrossFit is the sole domain of the super-fit and super-strong, and as a plump yet weak 76kg (167lb) middle-aged mum, I do not come anywhere near close to matching up with this mental image.

To everyone outside of the CrossFit community I’m an anomaly. But if you’ve ever been to a box, you know the truth:

People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels do CrossFit, love CrossFit and live CrossFit.

Me? I’m your quintessential CrossFit struggler – pooped by the warmup run, scaled back to the bar, last one to call “time. Last in almost every WOD measurement.

The following are my tips for the unfit who want to make a change, and who think maybe, just maybe, they can make that call and show up at their local box to give CrossFit a try.


“Figure out how many sessions you can fit into your week and make them non-negotiable.”

Congratulations to my fellow unfit CrossFitters for taking that huge leap of faith and swallowing those nerves to walk through the doors of your CrossFit box in the first place. If starting CrossFit is daunting for those who are already sportsmen or of athletic persuasion, then you and I know the true enormity of that first step.

Great article – Read the rest here!


No Rep, No Coach

by Just Push Play Fitness on December 10, 2013

No Rep, No Coach

Posted: 09 Dec 2013 04:00 PM PST

From CrossFit Journal
Pat Sherwood explains the difference between being a judge and being a coach.

While knocking out some squats in a recent workout in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I noticed I was being filmed on someone’s phone, so I made damn sure to bury my hip in the bottom of each rep.

The next day I got a Facebook notification that I had been tagged in a video. It had been quite some time since I’d seen myself squat, and what I saw was rather disappointing: three back squats captured from a perfect side angle, and not a single one of them was below parallel. I’m extremely thankful for that video because I learned I need to reset the depth meter in my head.

Hypothetically, if you had witnessed these squats and then walked over to me and said, “Hey, those squats are a no-rep,” I likely would have told you that your mother is a no-rep. I’m not in the CrossFit Games, Regionals, Open or any other competition. I’m in a gym lifting weights. I don’t need a judge; I need a coach. Judges say “No rep,” and coaches don’t. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

If you are a trainer running a class, be a coach. If you see someone not moving with proper technique or range of motion, go coach that athlete. Make him or her better. But don’t just hand out a no-rep. Get involved in finding a solution. Be a coach.


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